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Are you dreaming of breathtaking California wedding venues with stunning spots for Insta-worthy wedding photos? Look no further than Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, where nature’s elegance meets luxury.

Address: 2480 CA-193, Cool, CA 95614


The Venue’s Charm

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards presents a luxurious resort-style setting tailored for contemporary couples seeking an extraordinary wedding location for their significant celebration. Embracing your creativity, we empower you with the freedom to select your preferred vendors and set the desired ambiance. Nestled across 150 acres of picturesque vineyards, boasting edge-of-the-world views, a desert mountain villa, and a contemporary reception space known as The Vineyard Club, our venue stands as an icon of authenticity, designed to inspire unforgettable moments.

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Our Unique Location

Situated among rolling hills draped in vines, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is one of the most exquisite wineries- a treasure hidden within California’s illustrious wine country. Its unique location – set high above the routine bustle of daily life – offers a serene escape that feels worlds apart while still being conveniently accessible for guests. The elevation not only promises stunning panoramic views but also bestows the vineyard with a climate perfectly suited for fine wine and joyous celebrations.

We’ve created this helpful map so you can plan your dream wedding day (or weekend!) at our luxury venue retreat. Explore some local attractions, try a new restaurant or winery, or just have a staycation in our Mountain Modern Villa. ;)

black oak mountain vineyards in cool ca

Our Venue Spaces

One of the things that truly makes Black Oak Mountain Vineyards the right wedding venue for you is the versatility of our event spaces. If you picture a cozy gathering beneath the night sky or a lavish celebration in a grand ballroom, we offer the ideal location for your needs. Our offerings are like a blank canvas, ready to be personalized with your wedding theme and decorations, ensuring that your special day reflects your unique love story.

With both indoor and outdoor options, we can tailor each space to your desires, utilizing our unique architecture to create an unforgettable experience that’s as distinctive as you.

The 360° Edge of the World Site: Unparalleled in its grandeur, the 360° Edge of the World Site at our venue offers breathtaking panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Perched at the pinnacle of our estate, this site provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for your ceremony, capturing the essence of an intimate celebration against the expansive canvas of nature. Say your vows amidst the beauty of the Sierra Mountains, the rolling vineyards, and the boundless skies, creating an unforgettable moment that encapsulates the magic of your union.

The Vineyard Club: Step into the epitome of elegance at The Vineyard Club, embraced by lush vineyards and bathed in soft, alluring lighting. This expansive venue is crafted for celebration, boasting modern aesthetics, open spaces, vibrant gardens, and engaging outdoor games. Imagine lively conversations by inviting fire pits and guests swaying on delightful hanging basket swings—a perfect setting for an enchanting reception or cocktail hour that comes alive with joy and vibrancy.

The Mountain Modern Villa: Our Mountain Modern Villa is a luxurious retreat featuring a Bridal Suite, two guest rooms with ensuites, a terrace room, a garden room, four restrooms, a butler’s pantry, a laundry room, a spacious kitchen, and a living room. This stylish accommodation provides a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication for you and your VIP guests.

Grand Oak Trees: The Grand Oak Tree stands as a majestic symbol of strength and endurance, providing a natural cathedral-like setting for your ceremony. Its sprawling branches create a canopy under which you and your beloved can exchange vows, surrounded by the ancient elegance of nature. As the sunlight filters through the leaves and a gentle breeze rustles the branches, the Grand Oak Tree becomes a sacred witness to the union of two souls, offering a timeless and enchanting ambiance for your wedding ceremony.

Meadow Hitching Site: The Meadow Hitching Site is a picturesque expanse of open meadow that invites you to step into a realm of rustic charm and natural beauty. Framed by wildflowers and embraced by the surrounding hills, this site is a canvas waiting to be adorned with your love story. With its natural allure, the Meadow Hitching Site provides a versatile space for ceremonies, whether you envision an elegant affair or a bohemian-inspired celebration.

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Photographic Opportunities with Vineyard Backdrops

The vineyard vistas at Black Oak Mountain provide a photographer’s paradise, offering a multitude of stunning backdrops for your wedding day imagery. The rows of vines, the golden hour glow, and the majestic oak trees offer diverse backdrops to capture the essence of your love. Seasonal changes in the vineyard landscape also present unique wedding photo opportunities, from lush green vines in the spring to the fiery hues of autumn leaves.

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Crafting Your Dream California Wine Country Wedding

Our Personalized Services

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards takes pride in our commitment to personalization. We understand that each couple is unique, so we offer an array of services to tailor experiences to individual tastes and preferences. From in-house wedding planners to bespoke culinary options, we work closely with you to ensure that every detail reflects your vision. With our warm hospitality, the team at Black Oak Mountain goes above and beyond to make your day truly special. Our offerings include:

  • Full access to our expansive property: up to 150 guests on our expansive 150-acre property, ensuring each guest enjoys their own acreage. ;)
  • Beautifully crafted wooden tables for a sophisticated ambiance
  • Choose from a selection of chairs and benches provided for both the ceremony and reception.
  • Eight impressive shade structures
  • Choose from four unique ceremony sites tailored to your preferences.
  • Access to the versatile celebration spaces of the Mountain Villa and The Vineyard Club
  • Benefit from professional setup and teardown services for a stress-free event.
  • Opt for a 9-hour site rental with the flexibility of overnight stay options.
  • Two dedicated venue staff members for a seamless experience
  • Optional distinctive elements such as vineyard casks and suspended swing baskets
  • Separate suites for the bride and groom, ensuring privacy and comfort
  • Transparent pricing without any hidden fees or additional taxes


Wedding Packages That Cater To Every Need

Understanding the complexities of planning a wedding, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards has crafted wedding packages that ease the process while catering to a variety of needs and preferences. From essential rentals to full-service coordination, our packages are designed to cover every aspect of your day. Whether you’re looking for a simple setup or a weekend experience, we have options to ensure your wedding celebration is seamless and memorable.



Opulent Elegance Celebration

-9 hours of exclusive access to a 150-acre property

-2 days of coordinators with 1-hour rehearsal

-Full access to all estate and barn amenities

Luxe Vineyard Dreamscape

-Overnight stay for VIP guests with dedicated rehearsal time

– Indulge in all estate and barn amenities

– Exclusive 3-day celebration on the expansive 150-acre property

Infinite Love

– Exclusive 3-day celebration on the expansive 150-acre property

-2 nights of overnight accommodations for 16-22 VIP guests

-Venue services include breakfast, brunch, and rehearsal dinner

-After two days of organizing, prepare yourself with a mix of Mimosas and artisanal brews.

– Refreshments, drinks, and after-party recuperation packs for guests staying the night.

– Access to all estate and barn amenities

great view of the greenhouse

great view of the greenhouse

Onsite Accommodations For You & Your VIP Guests

Experience the Mountain Modern Villa, where a plethora of amenities awaits. We’ve created an enchanting escape beneath the California sun and stars. Indulge in your own private saltwater oasis with an infinity pool, away from the hustle of tourists. Explore the bountiful greenhouse filled with organic veggies and herbs, complimentary for your use. Then, unwind in the enchanting master bathroom, featuring a regal-worthy tub, equipped with an integrated fireplace. The en-suite bedroom offers cozy and opulent accommodations for you and up to eight companions, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay. Should you desire additional services, simply express your wishes, and we’ll arrange personalized experiences, from massages and facials to horseback riding.

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black oak mountain vineyards styled wedding elleventures photo 48

Testimonials from Happily Married Couples

Reviewed by Caitlin F.

Absolutely beautiful venue! We hosted our wedding in the barn at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Our wedding day was drizzly and chilly, but with our smaller reception, the barn was able to accommodate our guests and keep them comfortable with the heat on. This venue is truly magical and breathtaking, after we toured this venue we knew we didn’t need to look anywhere else, and nowhere else would compare. Jane was wonderful and helpful during the tour and just as great to work with throughout the planning process. I loved that they had the farmhouse tables I always dreamed of! The staff did a wonderful job setting up the ceremony and reception tables and chairs as requested. Everyone that we encountered and worked with was kind and worked with us to ensure our day was perfect. It is truly a beautiful wedding venue site with amazing views!

Reviewed by Taylor K.

This venue, as evident in the venue photos is stunning! The house and barn have the best views and decor. All the staff were kind and helped make our weekend the best. Jane was very accommodating and easy to work with throughout the planning process.

8 hayden and paul

8 hayden and paul

FAQs: Important Queries Answered

What makes Black Oak Mountain Vineyards stand out?

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards transcends being just a destination; it’s an unforgettable experience, including exceptional dining experiences. Uncover romance and opulence surrounded by the most exquisite elements of the natural world at this secluded and captivating haven. Reserve your amorous escape and forge unforgettable moments to treasure forever. Here’s to love and the extraordinary!

  1. MAJESTIC VIEWS OF THE SIERRAS: Experience awe-inspiring vistas at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, standing at the brink of the world, gazing upon the majestic Sierras. These breathtaking views provide a touch of marvel to your romantic escape, creating an enchanting backdrop for an utterly captivating experience.
  2. EXPANSIVE VINEYARDS: Stretching endlessly, the vineyards at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards form a stunning and picturesque setting for your shared moments. Take a stroll through these lush, meticulously tended vineyards, hand in hand, immersing yourselves in the beauty of nature and love.
  3. EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT ON GUESTS: Black Oak Mountain Vineyards ensures an extraordinary impact on every fortunate guest who experiences its charm. The blend of natural beauty, opulent amenities, and exclusivity crafts an unforgettable experience, leaving you and your guests enchanted, cherishing the memory for years to come.
  4. PRIVATE AND INTIMATE 150-ACRE RETREAT. CENTERED AROUND YOU: Black Oak Mountain Vineyards offers an environment that’s entirely dedicated to you and your significant other. Spanning 150 private acres, indulge in the sensation of being the sole couple in this magnificent property. Allow the expansive grounds to act as the backdrop for the distinctive narrative of your romance.
  5. ACCOMMODATIONS FOR OVER 20 GUESTS: Whether planning an intimate wedding or a grand celebration, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards offers overnight accommodations for over 20 guests. Celebrate your love surrounded by your nearest and dearest in this picturesque setting, making your special day even more memorable.
  6. ECO-FRIENDLY OASIS: For environmentally conscious couples, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards stands as a model retreat. Adhering to an entirely organic philosophy, harnessing the energy of the sun, and employing organized water systems, the estate is committed to complete sustainability. Delight in the natural splendor, aware that your presence is in accord with the environment throughout your visit.

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7 roxie and ian

What are some other nearby places to search for California wedding venues?

  • Laguna Beach
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Temecula Valley
  • Malibu
  • Santa Lucia Mountains
  • Santa Monica Mountains
  • Napa Valley
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17 Lauren and Sebastian

What is it like seasonally at Black Oak?

At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, each season casts a new light on the scenery’s beauty, making it a year-round destination for weddings. Spring brings revitalizing greens and a bloom of wildflowers. Summer offers clear skies and warm, golden sunsets. Fall is a time of rich, warm colors as the vine leaves change, and winter often brings a serene calm, with cooler days perfect for cozy, intimate celebrations.

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33 sydney and sam

What is the capacity for weddings at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

We can accommodate up to 150 guests for weddings.

8 sydney and sam

8 sydney and sam

Are there preferred vendors for Black Oak Mountain Vineyards weddings?

Certainly! When planning your special day at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred vendors. While we don’t impose specific vendor requirements, we’re more than happy to provide a list of recommended and trusted vendors who have previously delivered exceptional services at our venue.

These preferred vendors are familiar with our property, ensuring seamless coordination of your wedding events and day logistics. From caterers who can craft delightful menus to photographers capturing every special moment, our recommendations cover a spectrum of services to make your celebration extraordinary. Feel free to explore our list of preferred vendors or bring in your trusted professionals who can contribute to creating the perfect atmosphere for your dream wedding at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. Your choices are at the forefront as you curate a team of vendors that align with your vision and preferences for this momentous occasion.

56 olivia and holden

56 olivia and holden

How do you secure a date at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

Securing your dream wedding date at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is a straightforward and exciting process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you lock in your preferred date and start planning your magical celebration:

  1. Reach Out: Begin by reaching out to our dedicated event team. You can contact us through our website form by clicking the button below.
  2. Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our experienced event coordinators. This initial meeting allows us to understand your vision, discuss your specific requirements, and explore how Black Oak Mountain Vineyards can bring your dream wedding to life.
  3. Venue Tour: Embark on a personalized venue tour to explore the stunning landscapes, picturesque settings, and various event spaces that our vineyard offers. This visit will help you envision your special day and make informed decisions.
  4. Date Availability: During the consultation or venue tour, you’ll have the opportunity to check the availability of your desired wedding date. Our team will provide information on available dates and guide you in selecting the one that aligns perfectly with your plans.
  5. Reservation and Contract: Once you’ve chosen your preferred date, our team will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork. This typically involves signing a contract and making a deposit to officially reserve your chosen date.
  6. Customization and Planning: With your date secured, our event coordinators will work closely with you to customize your wedding package, explore additional services, and plan the details that will make your celebration uniquely yours.
  7. Communication and Support: Throughout the planning process, our team remains in close communication with you. We’re here to address any questions, provide recommendations, and offer support to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

2 black oak mountain vineyards

2 black oak mountain vineyards

What are some factors to consider while planning a winery wedding?

Planning a winery wedding involves considering factors such as the venue’s capacity, vineyard aesthetics, weather, available amenities, and the flexibility of the venue for customization. Additional considerations include wine offerings, catering options, and the overall atmosphere that aligns with your vision for your special day.

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black oak mountain vineyards

What is the difference between a ranch and a winery wedding?

The difference between a ranch and a winery wedding lies in the setting and ambiance. A ranch wedding typically takes place in a rustic, natural environment with features like barns, fields, and open spaces, creating a more country or western atmosphere. On the other hand, a winery wedding occurs in a vineyard, often with picturesque grapevines, wine barrels, and a more refined, romantic atmosphere. Couples can choose based on their preferred style and the ambiance they envision for their special day.


What are some other wedding locations in California?

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  • Palos Verdes Grand Ballroom
  • Brea Community Center
  • Terranea Resort
  • Malibu Rocky Oaks Vineyard
  • Parker Palm Springs
  • Alila Ventana Big Sur
  • Montage Laguna Beach
  • Beverly Hills Hotel
  • Ritz Carlton