Outrageous Events

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is a resort-style luxury property designed for modern clients looking for something extravagant and astonishing for their corporate or social celebration.


Set on 150 acres of scenic vineyards, edge-of-the-world views, a desert mountain Villa, and a Modern Barn, our venue is iconic, authentic, and meant to inspire.

310 black oak mountain vineyards
213 black oak mountain vineyards
182 black oak mountain vineyards

A Space for Dreamers and Creators

A remote destination fused with style and luxury

235 black oak mountain vineyards


Just two hours from SF and a mere 50 minutes from Sacramento, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is the ideal backdrop for a corporate retreat, with delicious farm-to-table meals, strong WIFI, Ethernet, and all conveniences.

262 black oak mountain vineyards

A cinematographer’s dream, Black Oak is THE location for film, photography, and commercial TV. The shots almost create themselves when there is so much amazing scenery to choose from! Majestic rolling hills to gritty dirt tracks and trails, to the luxury of both the mountain estate and modern barn. Find the shot or the shot will find you.