Dream Team

jane dildine

Wedding Visionary Extraordinaire

Jane Dildine

Meet Jane, the epitome of a go-getter among wedding professionals. From the first prenuptial tour to meticulously planning every aspect, whether grand events or intricate details, she’s your trusted guide. Jane embodies a can-do attitude and thrives on thinking outside the box to bring your dream fairytale wedding to life, making your vision a magical reality at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards.

tracey ramos estate manager

Nuptial Dream-Weaver

Tracy Ramos

Allow us to introduce Tracy, the heart and soul of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. With her expertise, dedication, and passion for creating seamless and unforgettable experiences, she ensures that every aspect of your wedding day is flawlessly executed.

angie souza

Wedding Venue Representative

Angie Souza

Allow us to introduce Angie, the venue representative extraordinaire at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. From the first step down the aisle to the last dance, she manages your day with precision, care, and a touch of magic, making your dream wedding a reality at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards.

brad christian

Owner, Fairytale Wedding Savant

Brad Christian

Brad’s passion and vision have been the driving force behind the transformation of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards into the exceptional venue it is today. Collaborating with acclaimed interior designer Kristi Sandford and landscape designer Myriah Wurzer, Brad set out to craft an immaculate space that embodies sustainability and organic beauty, offering guests a truly nurturing experience.

curtis van winkle vineyards

Vineyard Visionary

Curtis Van Winkle

Meet Curtis Van Winkle, the vigilant steward of our expansive 150-acre property. Curtis is not only a master of maintenance but also oversees equipment, landscapes, and the meticulous care of our vineyards. His expertise ensures that every corner of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is a testament to pristine beauty and optimal functionality, making your visit a true delight.

The Journey to Forever

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