Are you dreaming of destination weddings in California that offer the elegance of Napa Valley alongside eco-friendly practices and luxurious accommodations? Look no further than Black Oak Mountain Vineyards! Picture saying your vows surrounded by 150 acres of organic vineyards, ancient oak trees, and breathtaking Sierra Nevada views.

Address: 2480 HWY 193, Cool CA 95614

black oak mountain vineyards in cool ca

Our venue is exclusive and private, just one hour from Sacramento and two hours from San Francisco. With sustainable DIY weddings at the heart of our ethos, enjoy the freedom to unleash your creativity—choose your vendors, set the vibe, and revel in the pristine beauty of a remote destination that effortlessly provides luxury hospitality.

Impress your guests with edge-of-the-world views, sweeping vineyards, and the ultra-exclusivity of a venue dedicated entirely to you!


Welcome to Your Dream Wedding Destination at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

Discover Our Enchanting Venue

Welcome to Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, where your dream wedding ceremonies unfold among the breathtaking landscapes of California’s iconic wine country. Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by the sweeping vineyards, elegant olive trees, and the serene beauty that our unique venue offers.

northern california wedding venues with lodging

Celebrate at One of the Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in CA

Your California wedding love story should begin in the heart of California’s splendor at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. Our enchanting venue invites you to celebrate your union surrounded by expansive winery views that speak to the romantic in everyone. Whether you’re drawn to the rustling leaves of the olive groves or the golden hues of the Sierra Nevadas, California’s natural beauty provides a stunning, picture-perfect backdrop that will enchant you and your guests.

Plan Your Wedding at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

We’ve created this helpful map so you can easily plan your wedding retreat (or weekend getaway!) at our California venue. Check out the coastline, explore local restaurants and landmarks, or go hiking!

Navigation to local attractions from our venue is a breeze and we’re here to assist if any questions come up.

Unforgettable Ceremonies and Receptions

Exchange Vows with Vineyard Views

Exchange vows with vineyard views that stretch towards the horizon, creating an unforgettable tapestry for your wedding day. At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, the scenic landscapes and the serene ambiance lend themselves to a ceremony filled with natural elegance. Say your “I do’s” with the sun casting a warm glow over rolling hills covered in vines, affirming your love in an atmosphere that blends tranquility with the celebratory spirit of your most awaited day.

jacqueline and ben in the vineyard

Elegant Reception Spaces Tailored to Your Theme

Step into our luxurious wedding reception spaces at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, each tailored to bring your theme to life with grace and sophistication. Whether you fancy an intimate cocktail hour dining under the stars or a grand ballroom affair, the vineyard offers versatile settings that adapt to your desires. Crystal chandeliers, vaulted ceilings, and expansive windows blend seamlessly with the natural elements, offering the perfect canvas for your special day. Dance the night away and pop some champagne in a space where every corner is a reflection of your journey together.

scrumptious reception views

scrumptious reception views

Customizable Wedding Packages

Embark on the journey to your perfect day with our customizable wedding packages, where every detail is tailored to reflect your unique love story and vision. Explore the flexibility and personalization that these packages offer, ensuring a wedding experience that aligns seamlessly with your dreams and preferences.

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Pricing (Monday-Thursday)

Pricing (Friday-Sunday)

One Day Experience

(Opulent Elegance Celebration)

9 hours of exclusive access, 2 days of coordinators, 1-hour rehearsal, all estate & barn amenities



Two Day Experience

(Luxe Vineyard Dreamscape)

Overnight stay (one night) for 10 days with your VIPs, rehearsal time, 2 days of coordinators, all estate & barn amenities, coffee & tea for overnight guests



3-Day Weekend Experience

(Infinite love)

Exclusive access to 150-acre land for 3 days and 2 nights, 2 nights of overnight accommodation for 16-22 VIPs, full venue service, breakfast, brunch for overnight guests, rehearsal dinner, 2 days of coordinator, get ready with Mimosas and craft beer, snacks and beverages for overnight guests, hangover recovery kits



jump in, the waters warm!

jump in, the waters warm!

Intimate Gatherings or Grand Affairs

At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, your evening wedding scales to the grandeur of your dreams, whether an intimate gathering or a lavish affair. The vineyard accommodates celebrations of all sizes, ensuring each wedding feels perfectly proportionate to the number of smiling faces in attendance.

  • A symbolic celebration of a couple’s commitment to each other without legal implications.
    • Personalized vows and rituals to express love and dedication.
    • Ideal for couples who may not have the option of a legal union.
  • A ceremony recognizing the legal union of a couple without religious affiliations.
    • Celebrates commitment and partnership with legal implications.
    • Often tailored to the preferences and values of the couple
    • Personalized vows and rituals to express love and dedication.
  • Blends elements from different religious traditions.
    • Celebrates the diversity of the couple’s faith backgrounds.
    • Inclusive and respectful of various religious customs.
  • A secular ceremony without religious affiliations.
    • Focuses on the couple’s unique values, beliefs, and love story.
    • Offers flexibility for personalization.
great view of the greenhouse

great view of the greenhouse

  • Incorporates religious traditions and rituals.
    • Held in accordance with the customs of a specific faith.
    • Reflects the couple’s religious beliefs and commitment.
  • A celebration of love and commitment for couples entering a second marriage.
    • Tailored to the couple’s preferences, whether intimate or grand.
    • Embraces the joy of finding love again.
  • A ceremony where a married couple renews their wedding vows.
    • Celebrates milestones, such as anniversaries or overcoming challenges.
    • Reflects on the enduring love and commitment shared over time.

gorgeous micro weddings at black oak mountain vineyards

gorgeous micro weddings at black oak mountain vineyards

Our Inclusions

Our inclusions are designed to provide a comprehensive and stress-free celebration for couples seeking convenience and simplicity, including aesthetically pleasing furnishings to enhance the ambiance. With our inclusions, varying by package, essential elements of your wedding day are bundled together, typically covering venue rental, catering, decor, entertainment, and other essential services. This comprehensive approach aims to streamline the planning process, reduce decision fatigue, and often offer cost savings compared to individually sourcing each component. Couples opting for more inclusions in their package can enjoy a curated and cohesive wedding experience, allowing them to focus on the joyous moments rather than intricate details.

  • Venue Capacity: Host up to 150 guests on our vast 150-acre property, ensuring each guest enjoys a spacious and private setting.
  • Rustic Elegance: Experience the charm of our beautiful wood-crafted tables, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your celebration.
  • Ample Seating: We provide comfortable chairs and benches for both the ceremony and reception, ensuring a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

    • Shade Structures: Enjoy the outdoors under eight amazing shade structures, providing shelter from the sun and a pleasant look.
    • Versatile Ceremony Sites: Choose from four incredible ceremony sites that suit your preferences, allowing you to personalize your special day.
    • Exclusive Access: Benefit from access to our Modern Mountain Villa, adding versatility and unique spaces to your event.
    • Efficient Setup & Tear Down: Our dedicated staff takes care of the setup and tear-down, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you and your guests.
    • Extended Site Rental: Take advantage of a 9-hour site rental, providing ample time to enjoy every moment of your celebration.
    • Overnight Options: Explore overnight stay options, allowing you and your guests to extend the festivities and make the most of your time on the property.

  • Bridal and Groom Suites: Enjoy the convenience of separate bridal and groom suites, providing private and comfortable spaces for preparation.
  • Unique Features: Enhance the charm of your celebration with wine barrels and delightful hanging basket swings, adding unique touches to the venue.
  • Transparent Pricing: Experience peace of mind with our transparent pricing policy—no hidden fees or extra taxes, ensuring a straightforward and honest transaction.

gorgeous lesbian couple getting married at black oak

gorgeous lesbian couple getting married at black oak

What Sets Black Oak Mountain Vineyards Apart?

Luxurious Lodging

  • Master Suite: Refresh yourself on a luxurious Tempur-Pedic bed in our tastefully decorated master suite.
  • Visitor Quarters: Experience the warmth and charm of two furnished visitor bedrooms.
  • Extra Areas: Unwind in the spacious open-plan living room and kitchen all furnished with pull-out couches and state-of-the-art appliances to suit your needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Habitation: Embrace the comfort of our greenhouse, complemented by a fruit grove that adorns our estate. Help yourself to some herbs and fresh veggies during your stay!

gorgeous outdoor seating and luxe views

gorgeous outdoor seating and luxe views

Untouched Water and Air Purity

  • Structured H2O: Enjoy the crystal-clear experience of structured H2O coursing through the home, originating from our well and subjected to a triple-filtration process for unmatched clarity.
  • Our Saltwater Oasis: Plunge into our saltwater infinity pool, filled with our structured H2O. Who needs a seaside wedding when you can have this all to yourself?!
  • Environment Free from Electromagnetic Fields: Stay in an environment with minimal to nonexistent electromagnetic fields, for a revitalizing experience.
2 amenities at black oak mountain vineyards

2 amenities at black oak mountain vineyards

Amusement and Leisure

  • Optical Delights: Enjoy multiple flatscreen TVs situated in both the lounge and the primary sleeping quarters for your viewing enjoyment.
  • Auditory Bliss: Take pleasure in a premium audio setup that permeates both the communal space and the outdoor terrace with music of your choice.
Black Oak Mountain Vineyards Wedding 116

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards Wedding 116

The Call of the Wild

  • Vineyards with Vistas: Capture the beauty of our vineyards against a stunning backdrop.
  • Venerable Oak Trees: Be enthralled by the splendor of our ancient oak trees that have endured for more than a century and a half.
  • Varied Landscapes: Check out the diverse landscapes of meadows, woodlands, sandy clifftops, and Cole Mountain on our property, presenting an assortment of topographies to explore.
  • Amber Meadows: Wander down the timeworn paths and verdant meadows, immersing yourself in the essence of pristine nature.

black oak mountain vineyards sacramento

black oak mountain vineyards sacramento

Some of the Features of Our Venue Spaces Include…

  • Renewable Power: Delight in an eco-friendly escape where the full estate is energized by solar power.
  • Opulent Loft Areas: Enjoy the comfort of two opulent loft spaces, each embellished with trendy, industrial-style design.
  • Breathtaking Scenery: Relax on an expansive terrace providing views of the active vineyard and the scenic hills of the Gold Country.
  • Nature-Influenced Architecture: Experience the harmonious integration of contemporary and traditional design features in our barn.

6 bay area vineyard wedding venue

6 bay area vineyard wedding venue

Capturing the Essence of Your Celebration

Your wedding day is a kaleidoscope of moments waiting to be captured, set against the stunning scenery of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. We offer a myriad of opportunities to freeze time and capture precious moments. With a host of picturesque settings, from intimate nooks within the vineyards to grand panoramic views, your photographs will encapsulate the essence and emotion of your celebration. The venue’s natural lighting is a photographer’s dream, ensuring that your memories are recorded in the most romantic and timeless way possible.

0 gorgeous san jose couple

0 gorgeous san jose couple

Memories Set Against a Stunning Backdrop

Create memories set against the stunning backdrop of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, where every picture tells the story of your love. The lush vineyards, vibrant flowerbeds, dramatic sunsets, and elegant architecture provide an array of breathtaking scenes for your wedding album. Each photo transports you back to the joy and beauty of your special day, with the vineyard’s splendor forever framing the start of your new chapter together.

8 bay area vineyard wedding venue

8 bay area vineyard wedding venue

Experienced Wedding Planners

Lean on the expertise of experienced wedding planners at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, your trusted guides to a stress-free and seamless celebration. They bring your vision to life with precision, passion, and a keen eye for detail. From managing timelines to coordinating with vendors, they are your behind-the-scenes heroes who ensure that every element of your wedding flows beautifully. With their help, you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of the day, confident that every detail is in capable hands. Site llike The Knot Worldwide and WeddingWire are great resources to check out our reviews and find vendors.

black oak mountain vineyards


Reviewed on 12/13/2023 by Michael C.

We were lucky enough to randomly stumble across the right wedding venue, Black Oak for our wedding and couldn’t be happier. The place is amazing and the staff are wonderful. Jane is a 10/10 and will do everything in her power to make your wedding perfect.

330 black oak mountain vineyards

330 black oak mountain vineyards

Reviewed on 12/08/2023 by Eric C.

We had our wedding at Black Oak and it was hands down amazing! The barn is maintained very well, our very modern and the staff was very pleasant to work with! Not only is the barn amazing, but the property itself is surrounded by huge oaks and beautiful views of the mountains! Would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for any sort of event!

black oak mountain vineyards

Reviewed on 11/09/2023 by Carley T.

We were lucky to attend a wedding at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards and had a wonderful experience. The grounds are beautiful and very well maintained, with views that go on for miles. All of the service staff was very responsive and professional. We had the best time, I would highly recommend it for a magical night. The interiors of the wedding venue were adorned with elegant floral arrangements and exquisite decor, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere for the celebration.

329 black oak mountain vineyards

329 black oak mountain vineyards

Begin Planning Your Destination Wedding Journey

Let the adventure begin as you plan your destination wedding journey at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, the perfect destination for the whole family. Whether you’re local or dreaming from afar, our vineyard’s team is ready to assist you in crafting an event that reflects your story. With resources and expertise at your fingertips, your journey from ‘Yes’ to ‘I do’ will be as serene as the vineyard’s landscapes. Start mapping out your special day with us—where dreams take root and grow into unforgettable celebrations.

black oak mountain vineyards

FAQs: Your Guide to Wedding Locations in California

What makes Black Oak Mountain Vineyards unique for a destination wedding in California?

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, a boutique vineyard stands out for its stunning hilltop location amidst the vines, offering an exclusive and intimate setting. The personalized service, customizable options, and breathtaking views across the landscape set the stage for a truly unique wedding experience. Here, your love story is complemented by the natural beauty and elegance of California’s wine country, making it an unforgettable destination for your special day.

299 black oak mountain vineyards

299 black oak mountain vineyards

Can I customize my wedding package at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

Yes, you can tailor your wedding package at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards to fit your unique vision and preferences. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and the variety of options available, from the choice of ceremony sites to caterers and DIY decor themes. Our team works closely with you to ensure your day is as individual as your love story, with every detail reflecting your personal style.

293 black oak mountain vineyards

293 black oak mountain vineyards

What is the weather like in California?

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Average Temperature (°F)







Very Low







285 black oak mountain vineyards | luxury california vineyard wedding

285 black oak mountain vineyards

Are there any other places to get married in California?

In addition to our vineyard wedding venue, Northern California offers a diverse range of wedding venue styles and options, including charming hotel wedding venues and picturesque beach wedding locations. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic elegance of a vineyard, the sophistication of a hotel setting, or the coastal beauty of a beach venue, Northern California provides a variety of choices to suit your wedding style and preferences. Venues like Garden Walnut Creek, Malibu Rocky Oaks Vineyards, Huntington Beach, Ocean Meadow Lawn, Pelican Hill, Foothills Resort, and weddings at Pismo Beach. Regardless, we’re the venue for you! ;)

black oak mountain vineyards

Where are you located?

We are located in the town of Cool, California. So fitting right?! Black Oak Mountain Vineyards transcends a mere venue to become the ideal spot for your nuptial ceremonies. Visit our venue or explore the area by looking up our address: 2480 HWY 193, Cool CA 95614. Conveniently located under an hour’s drive from Sacramento and approximately two hours from San Francisco and the Bay Area, our vineyard provides a picturesque setting for a semi-destination wedding that eliminates the inconvenience of long-distance journeys.

314 black oak mountain vineyards

314 black oak mountain vineyards

Visit Us for a Personal Tour

Schedule Your Private Viewing

Embark on the first step towards your idyllic wedding by scheduling your private viewing at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, one of the most enchanting wineries in the region. Discover firsthand the allure of the vineyards, the charm of the reception areas, and the intimate corners that could serve as the backdrop for your celebration. Allow us to walk you through the estate, share your vision with our planners, and imagine the possibilities that await on your special day. Contact us to arrange a visit and witness the beauty of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards in person.

Connect with our team through the following channels:

Phone: Call us at 530-272-7696 to have a direct conversation with one of our welcoming venue coordinators for booking our premier gathering space.

Contact Form: Visit our wedding website, complete the contact form, and access our pricing brochure. We’re eager to learn about your wedding aspirations and discuss how we can bring them to life!