Black Oak Mountain Vineyards sits on land rich with history.

1 History of Black Oak
0 History of Black Oak

Although originally the town of Cool (or Cave Valley, as it was originally known) proved to be a disappointment to the miners hunting for gold, large limestone caverns were discovered along the american river, which kept the population steady for the better part of the late 1800’s. As you make your way to Black Oak, you will almost certainly pass over one part or another of this beautiful river- those limestone quarries sit less than ten miles from our property.

Penobscot Public House, established in 1850, was a way station and stage coach stop during the days of the Gold Rush.

2 History of Black Oak
3 History of Black Oak

The famous Penobscot Ranch still exists today. Today the historic site, including the house built during the days of the Gold Rush and the barn built in 1923, can be viewed by driving down Highway 193 , point seven miles outside of Black Oak. As you drive along the historic HWY 193, you will pass historic marker after historic marker, as our beautiful small town was a booming mining town that left behind an intriguing historical story.

Black Oak


Black Oak has it’s very own piece of history, sitting on the back edge of our 150 acres of property, Through the beautiful woods and sprawling fields, you will eventually come upon a miner’s cabin that stands to this day, 150 years later.