Retreat Wedding Venues and Spaces at Black Oak

walks around the property

walks around the property

Looking for enchanting retreat wedding venues in California? Well, search no more because you’ve found Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. Tucked away amidst the rolling hills of the Sierra Nevada foothills, our picturesque vineyard venue offers a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a serene and luxurious setting to exchange their vows.

Address: 2480 CA-193, Cool, CA 95614

the Ngo wedding champagne toast by the pool with bridesmaids

the Ngo wedding champagne toast by the pool with bridesmaids

Your Retreat in the Heart of California

We’ve crafted a resort-style luxury property tailored to contemporary couples seeking an extravagant and awe-inspiring setting for their milestone celebration. We encourage you to let your imagination run wild since you are afforded the freedom to select your own suppliers and craft the ideal event atmosphere that aligns with your concept.

inside the modern estate villa

inside the modern estate villa

Plan Your NorCal Wedding

Nestled amidst 150 acres of picturesque vineyards, boasting breathtaking vistas that seem to touch the edge of the world, our venue features a stunning desert mountain Villa and a contemporary wedding reception space known as The Vineyard Club. With its iconic charm, genuine authenticity, and inspiring atmosphere, our venue is designed to captivate and enchant all who step foot within its grounds.

We’ve created this helpful map so you can plan your dream wedding day (or weekend!) at our luxury venue retreat. Explore some local attractions, try a new restaurant or winery, or just have a staycation in our Mountain Modern Villa. ;)

gorgeous lesbian couple getting married at black oak

gorgeous couple getting married at black oak

Our Iconic Venue Spaces

jacqueline and ben's hilltop ceremony

jacqueline and ben’s hilltop ceremony

Ceremony Spaces: Within our private property, discover four distinct ceremony sites perfect for wedding ceremonies, along with a comprehensive rain backup plan. Options include the 360° Edge of the World Site, the Viewing Deck at the Villa, the Grand Oak Tree, and the Meadow Hitching site.

The Oasis Infinity Pool & Spa: Indulge in our Sapphire Saltwater Oasis and Spa—a haven for relaxation, photo opportunities, and enjoying your favorite signature cocktail while cooling off in the refreshing waters.

this could be your view of the morning fog on the infinity terrace | Sierra nevada wedding venues

this could be your view of the morning fog on the infinity terrace

Edge-of-the-World Infinity Terrace: Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of our Sierra Vista Serenity Terrace, perfect for enjoying a cup of Pachamama coffee as you witness the breathtaking views of the sunrise or sunset. Take in panoramic vistas of vineyards, hills, and the majestic Sierra Mountains.

34 Main Entrance

Mountain Modern Villa: The Mountain Villa provides opulent features such as a special suite for brides, a pair of guest accommodations complete with private bathrooms, a room boasting a terrace, another surrounded by the garden, four separate bathrooms, a pantry designed for a butler’s use, a room dedicated to laundry, an expansive area known as the ken, and an inviting area for relaxation and socializing known as the living room.

The Black Oak Vineyard Club: Step into the ambiance of lush vineyards and soft, alluring lighting at the Vineyard Club—the ultimate party destination. With its modern design, expansive layout, charming gardens, recreational games, inviting fire pits, and delightful hanging basket swings, it sets the stage for unforgettable celebrations.

beautiful set up on the barn patio

beautiful set up on the barn patio

Embracing Nature and Luxury Together

We adore retreat wedding venues for their remarkable ability to marry the grandeur of nature with the finesse of luxury. Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is no exception, cradling you amidst California’s rolling hills and lush vines while offering an uncompromisingly plush experience. This harmony makes the venue not just a backdrop, but a significant character in the story of your special day, ensuring that every moment is infused ed with natural elegance and a sense of extravagant serenity.

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards Wedding 93 | Winery wedding venues

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards Wedding

The Exclusive Experience at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards isn’t just a venue; it’s the canvas for your exclusive wedding experience. With our commitment to privacy and personalized service, each celebration here is a unique reflection of the couple’s tastes and desires. This luxury retreat promises to envelop you and your guests in an atmosphere of sophistication and care, where every detail is curated to forge a truly individual and unforgettable event.

13 Lauren and Sebastian

Lauren and Sebastian

Planning Your Dream Wedding

Bespoke Amenities for a Tailored Celebration

  • Entertain up to 150 cherished guests amidst the vast expanse of 150 private acres, ensuring everyone enjoys a slice of serenity. Adorned with beautifully crafted wooden tables, we provide ample seating with chairs and benches for both your ceremony and reception. Embrace the outdoors under the shade of eight remarkable structures meticulously placed throughout the property.
  • Select from four breathtaking ceremony sites, each offering its unique charm and ambiance. Enjoy exclusive access to both the luxurious Mountain Villa and the inviting Vineyard Club, where memories are made amidst stunning surroundings.
  • Our dedicated team handles every aspect of setup and tear down, allowing you to focus solely on your special day. With a generous 10-hour Venu rental and the option for overnight accommodations, you can relish every moment without constraint.
  • Benefit from the expertise of two professional venue staff members, ensuring your event runs seamlessly from start to finish. Delight in leisurely swings and entertaining games scattered throughout the grounds, adding a touch of whimsy to your celebration.
  • Prepare for your big day in style with separate bridal and groom suites, providing privacy and comfort for both parties. Plus, a bonus of a Silent Disco if needed, ensuring the party continues long into the night.
  • At our venue, transparency is key—we believe in upfront pricing with no hidden fees, corkage charges, or additional taxes. Your celebration should be as stress-free as possible, and we’re committed to making that a reality.

35 sydney and sam

sydney and sam

Crafting Unforgettable Moments Amidst the Vines

At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, every inch of the expansive property is a promise of potential for crafting unforgettable moments. Whether it’s a first kiss under the sprawling Higuera Tree, intimate vows exchanged in the olive grove, or a rustic-chic celebration in our lovingly restored vineyard club, the spaces themselves become a participant in your narrative. We revel in assisting couples to discover the perfect spots within our grounds to create those once-in-a-lifetime memories that will be cherished forever.

groomsmen in the vineyard

groomsmen in the vineyard

The Benefits of Choosing a Retreat Style Venue

Privacy and Intimacy: Elevating Your Special Day

The allure of a Black Oak Mountain Vineyard wedding is profoundly rooted in the promise of privacy and intimacy. Tucked away from the world, our venue becomes a secluded paradise where moments feel deeper, and every exchange is savored. It’s a place where we can host a celebration that feels like an exclusive retreat, elevating your special day into a personal and unforgettable intimate affair where every guest feels a part of something truly unique and cherished.

A Seamless Fusion of Relaxation and Festivities

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards epitomizes the seamless fusion of relaxation and festivities. Imagine exchanging vows with the serenity of the great outdoors, then transitioning to an evening of dining and dancing under the stars. The balance is exquisite; revel in joyous jubilation while also taking moments to the, to relish the sweeping vie, and to bask in the comfort that our attentive staff ensures resonates throughout your event. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition that defines the quintessential retreat-style wedding.

2 channing and scott parker

2 channing and scott parker

Accommodation and Services at Black Oak

0 roxie and ian

roxie and ian

Overnight Accommodation at Black Oak: Comfort for Wedding Guests in California

Indulge in luxury at every turn within our contemporary mountain villa. Beneath the warm California sun and twinkling stars, discover a haven of relaxation and leisure, complete with enchanting fire pits, an inviting infinity pool, and a rejuvenating spa. Simply let us know your desires, and we’ll arrange everything from soothing massages and refreshing facials to exhilarating horseback riding adventures.

desert foliage

desert foliage

Exploring the Natural Beauty Surrounding Black Oak

The majestic landscapes that embrace Black Oak Mountain Vineyards beckon for exploration. Venture out to discover rolling vineyards and breathtaking vistas that define California’s natural beauty. Hiking trails allow us to immerse ourselves in the local flora and fauna, with the possibility of a guided tour to unlock the secrets of the region. Delight in the nearby groves and gardens, which offer serene environments for reflection and relaxation. Here, the connection with nature isn’t just a backdrop, it’s an interactive, integral part of the retreat experience.

hilltop ceremony views

hilltop ceremony views

Leisure and Adventure for Weddings at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, we balance the serenity of our wedding location with a host of leisure and adventure options to enhance your special day. Revel in the thrill of biking through the vines or embark on a four-wheeler tour for an adrenaline-fueled view of the property. Post-wedding day, unwind with a yoga session on the veranda or an indulgent tasting tour through Napa Valley’s world-renowned selections. Our venue is an invitation to blend celebration with the excitement and tranquility of the Californian landscape.

gorgeous destination wedidng venue in cool california

What Couples Need to Know

Booking and Availability Insights for Prospective Newlyweds

Prospective newlyweds eyeing Black Oak Mountain Vineyards should reach out early to secure their desired date. Booking in advance is key, as our exclusive venue quickly becomes a coveted choice for couples looking for that perfect blend of elegance and privacy. We offer personalized tours, allowing you to envision your day amidst the vines, and our team is on hand to discuss availability, providing insight into the best times of year for your nuptial dreams to take root and flourish at Black Oak.

gorgeous destination wedidng venue in california

Photographic Opportunities at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

The sweeping landscapes of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards present endless photographic opportunities to capture the essence of your wedding day. With the golden light filtering through the vines, every frame is drenched in romantic allure. We offer an assortment of picturesque locations – from the grandeur of the mountainous backdrop to the intimate nooks within our lush gardens. Here, your love story is illuminated by the natural splendor, ensuring that the memories we create are as enduring and beautiful as the scenery that envelops us.

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Reviewed On 12/13/2023 by Michael C

We were lucky enough to randomly stumble across BlackOak for our wedding venue and couldn’t be happier. The place is amazing and the staff is wonderful. Jane is a 10/10 and will do everything in her power to make your wedding perfect.

Reviewed On 12/08/2023 by Eric C

We had our wedding at Black Oak and it was hands down amazing! The barn is maintained verit’sell, it’s very modern and the staff was delightful to work with! Not only is the barn amazing, but the property itself is surrounded by huge oaks and beautiful views of the mountains! Would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for any sort of event!

gorgeous destination wedidng venue in california

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is included in the wedding packages at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

Our wedding packages at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards include full access to our picturesque venue, catering options, event planning services, and day-of coordination. Additionally, we provide tables, chairs, and linens, along with setup and cleanup services. Every package is customizable to ensure your wedding party is tailored flawlessly to your vision.

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Turminini Wedding

Can we customize our wedding experience at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

Yes, we encourage you to customize your wedding experience at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. Our team is dedicated to making your day uniquely yours, from selecting the perfect spot for your ceremony to choosing the menu that best reflects your tastes. Let’s collaborate to create a celebration that’s as individual as your love story.

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How many guests can Black Oak Mountain Vineyards accommodate?

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards can gracefully accommodate up to 150 guests, ensuring a comfortable and spacious setting for both intimate gatherings and grander affairs. We intimately blend space and service for an unforgettable celebration.