Amidst all of the wedding venues in Grass Valley CA is Black Oak Mountain Vineyards—an unrivaled haven for couples in pursuit of an extraordinary wedding experience. Located amid the undulating hills of the Sierra Nevada foothills, our vineyard epitomizes a harmonious fusion of charm, opulent allure, and the raw beauty of nature.

black oak mountain vineyards in cool ca

Address: 2480 CA-193, Cool, CA 95614

This is not just an event venue; it’s a sanctuary where vows are exchanged, memories are made, and dreams come to life.

Discover the unique offerings that elevate our wedding venue, seamlessly blending sophisticated vineyard allure with the irresistible charm of the great outdoors. Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is waiting for you to embark on a journey where your special day is timeless, luxurious, and undeniably fun.

jacqueline and ben, how amazing is this dress

jacqueline and ben, how amazing is this dress

Welcome to Black Oak Mountain Vineyards: Your Dream Wedding Venue in Grass Valley CA

Venues at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

1. Our Industrial Modern Barn

Set amidst vineyards and bathed in soft lighting, our barn is the ultimate event venue and party destination. Featuring black chandeliers, expansive open spaces, lush gardens, entertaining games, inviting fire pits, and charming hanging basket swings.

modern barn with chandelier and doors opened to the bistro lit patio

modern barn with chandelier and doors opened to the bistro lit patio

2. The Infinity Pool

Step into your own Sapphire Saltwater Oasis, perfect for picturesque photo opportunities, leisurely dips, refreshing cooldowns, and lounging with your favorite signature cocktail.

the pool and hot tub at night

the pool and hot tub at night

3. The Infinity Terrace

Embrace tranquility and the perfect vibe on our Sierra Vista Serenity Terrace. Ideal to witness the sunrise, sunset, and panoramic vistas of the vineyards, hills, and Sierras.

jacqueline and ben loved up on the infinity terrace

4. Our Ceremony Sites

Our private property offers four enchanting ceremony sites for a wide range of ceremonies like engagement parties, reception parties, etc, with a rain backup plan. Choose from the 360° Edge of the World Site, Viewing Deck at the Villa, Grand Oak Tree, or Meadow Hitching site.

olivia and holden

5. Your Custom Outdoor Soiree

Explore the myriad of spots across our property to host your post-ceremony dinner, including the option of a specially arranged outdoor dining room. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

silent disco outside of the Modern Barn

silent disco outside of the Modern Barn

Our Mountain Modern Villa: Where Sustainability Meets Luxury

Our contemporary villa stands as an epitome of eco-friendly luxury, contributing to harmonious living surroundings that are one with nature. Here’s what you can anticipate upon your arrival:

view of the estate villa, infinity terrace, pool and hot tub

view of the estate villa, infinity terrace, pool and hot tub

Sustainable Energy

Immerse yourself in a green retreat with the entire property powered by solar energy. So feel good about taking some Pachamama coffee onto the magnificent terrace, soaking in the morning, and enjoying the incredible views of the Sierras.

this could be your view of the morning fog on the infinity terrace

this could be your view of the morning fog on the infinity terrace

Opulent Rooms

Relax in luxurious suites with up to 7 close friends or family members. Take advantage of the fully-equipped kitchen or our romantic master bath outfitted with a fireplace.

black oak mountain vineyards in cool ca

Nature-Inspired Design

Embrace the seamless fusion of modern and rustic design elements within our barn. An open plan, designed by the famed Kristi Sandford, brings beautiful nature indoors and offers high-end appliances.


Plan Your Dream Northern California Wedding

We’ve created this helpful map so you can visualize your wedding experience at our mountain venue. Plan a hiking excursion, go wine tasting, visit our local secret spots, and make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

Customizable Wedding Packages



Pricing (Monday-Thursday)

Pricing (Friday-Sunday)

One Day Experience

(Opulent Elegance Celebration)

9 hours of exclusive access, 2 days of coordinators, 1-hour rehearsal, all estate & barn amenities



Two Day Experience

(Luxe Vineyard Dreamscape)

Overnight stay (one night) for 10 days with your VIPs, rehearsal time, 2 days of coordinators, all estate & barn amenities, coffee & tea for overnight guests



3-Day Weekend Experience

(Infinite love)

Exclusive access to 150-acre land for 3 days and 2 nights, 2 nights of overnight accommodation for 16-22 VIPs, full venue service, breakfast, brunch for overnight guests, rehearsal dinner, 2 days of coordinator, get ready with Mimosas and craft beer, snacks and beverages for overnight guests, hangover recovery kits



gorgeous lesbian couple getting married at black oak

gorgeous couple getting married at black oak

Additional Venue Features

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards stands out with a multitude of features that make us unique. When couples choose our venue, they’re not just booking a location; they’re securing a luxe experience tailored to perfection.

Pure Water: Experience the clarity of structured water flowing throughout the house, sourced from our well and meticulously triple-filtered for exceptional quality.

Salt Pool: Dive into our saltwater pool, enriched with structured water resembling a pristine mountain stream.

EMF-Free Environment: Immerse yourself in a low to no EMF zone, allowing for a digital detox and a rejuvenating stay.

Stay Entertained: Enjoy expansive televisions in the living area and master bedroom for entertainment.

Harmonious Sounds: Delight in a premium sound system, filling both the living area and patio with your favorite melodies.

Nature’s Splendor: Black Oak Mountain Vineyards beckons as a haven of natural beauty, offering liberation with every step. Explore over 150 acres of expansive landscapes, including:

Views to Take Your Breath Away: Capture the grace of our vineyards set against a breathtaking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Ancient Oak Trees: Marvel at the grandeur of oak trees that have endured for over 150 years.

jump in, the waters warm!

jump in, the waters warm!

Personalize Your Black Oak Celebration

At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, our team believes that your wedding should be a reflection of your unique story and style. While we can suggest superb local vendors, we are also open to working with any vendor you choose to bring in. Wedding databases like The Knot Worldwide and Wedding Wire can be great tools for finding your dream vendors for wedding photography, videography, and more.

Personalization Options

  • Catering Flexibility: Bring in your chosen caterer to our dining area to create a menu that fits your tastes and dietary needs.
  • Decor Policy: Bring your florist and enjoy the freedom to decorate the event venue with your chosen theme and color palette, making the space distinctly yours.
  • Music and Entertainment: Whether it’s a live band, DJ, or personalized playlist, your preferred style of entertainment is welcome.
  • Special Touches: Add unique elements like a photo booth, outdoor games, or a vintage car for your grand exit.

We know that every couple is unique, and Black Oak Mountain Vineyards celebrates this by offering the flexibility to tailor your event down to every last detail, ensuring that your wedding day feels personal and true to you.

scrumptious reception views

scrumptious reception views

Capturing Magical Moments

Browse Through Our Past Events

Step into a world of enchantment and browse through our past events at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. Witness the array of celebrations that have been artfully brought to life against the canvas of our vineyards and discover the endless possibilities for your special day.

Here’s What to Look Out For

  • Diverse Themes: From classic elegance to bohemian chic, see how each event at Black Oak embraces its unique style.
  • Seasonal Decor: Observe how the vineyard’s charm is enhanced by decorations complementing the natural beauty of each season.
  • Couples’ Joy: Notice the radiant smiles and laughter, a testament to the joy and satisfaction of couples who’ve celebrated here.

Our photo gallery is not just a showcase; it’s a source of inspiration for your own wedding, providing a glimpse of what you can expect when you choose Black Oak Mountain Vineyards.

3 Lauren and Sebastian

3 Lauren and Sebastian

Inspired by Nature: Your Vision Amid Panoramic Views of the Sierra Nevada

Let your imagination run wild as your wedding vision comes to life against the beautiful backdrop of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards. Unusual desert mountain landscaping greets you from every direction including Ponytail palms, Aloe Hercules, Butia Palms and Bird of Paradise trees. The goal was to create a lush oasis in the middle of remote NorCal.

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards Wedding 93

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards Wedding 93

Exceptional Service from Start to Finish

At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, expect nothing less than exceptional service from the moment you inquire until the final farewell of your wedding night (or week!). Our team’s warm, professional approach ensures every detail is taken care of, allowing you and your guests to immerse fully in the celebration.

Service Highlights

  • Personal Consultation: From the initial tour of our wedding venue to the final layout, personalized sessions to discuss and refine your wedding details are standard.
  • On-Call Assistance: The dedicated staff remains on call throughout your event to quickly and efficiently address any unforeseen needs or adjustments.
  • Vendor Coordination: Let the team manage vendor logistics, so you can focus on being present and creating memories.

black oak mountain vineyards styled wedding elleventures photo 48

black oak mountain vineyards styled wedding elleventures photo 48

Feedback From Our Happy Couples

Many couples have trusted us with their wedding dreams and achieved great success! These testimonies are not just recollections; they’re heartfelt endorsements of the perfection that Black Oak promises and delivers.

What Couples Have to Say

  • Couples rave about the unforgettable memories they’ve made, often nodding to the venue’s stunning scenery and attentive staff.
  • Reviews frequently highlight how the Black Oak team went above and beyond to ensure their day was stress-free and picture-perfect.
enjoy four firepits on our property

enjoy four firepits on our property

Why Couples Choose Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

Here are the top seven reasons why couples choose Black Oak Mountain Vineyards for their special moments:

  1. Edge of the World Views to the Sierras: The awe-inspiring vistas from Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, where you stand at the edge of the world, gazing at the majestic Sierras, set the perfect backdrop for an enchanting experience.
  2. Sweeping Vineyards: The lush and meticulously maintained vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see provide a stunning backdrop, inviting couples to take a stroll and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and love.
  3. Remote Destination Infused with Style and Luxury: Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is the epitome of pristine beauty, offering a perfect blend of seclusion, style, and luxury. It’s a haven to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, surrounded by unspoiled nature.
  4. Ultra Impression on Guests: Ensuring an ULTRA impression, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards combines natural beauty, luxurious amenities, and exclusivity to craft an unforgettable experience, leaving guests enchanted and cherishing the memory for years.
  5. Exclusive and Private 150 Acres – It’s About You and Only You: With 150 acres of private and exclusive space, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards allows couples to revel in the feeling of being the only ones in this beautiful estate, letting the vastness of the property be the canvas for their unique love story.
  6. Overnight Accommodations for Over 20 Guests: Whether planning an intimate wedding or a grand celebration, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards provides overnight accommodations for over 10 guests, allowing couples to celebrate their love surrounded by loved ones in a picturesque setting.
  7. All Organic Property, Solar, Structured Water, Salt Pool, Fully Sustainable: For environmentally conscious couples, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards stands as an exemplary retreat, operating on an all-organic ethos, utilizing solar power, structured water, and embracing a fully sustainable approach.

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is more than a destination; it’s an unforgettable experience. Discover love and luxury amidst nature’s finest offerings at this exclusive and enchanting retreat. Book your romantic getaway and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to love and the extraordinary.

tables and chairs all included with your venue rental

tables and chairs all included with your venue rental

FAQs About Hosting Your Wedding at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

Can I customize my wedding package?

Absolutely! At Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, we love to see your personal flair shine through. You may tailor your wedding package to reflect your style, needs, and vision for your special day. Choose your vendors, décor, and more to create a celebration that’s as unique as your love story. Check out our gallery for some inspiration.

the turminini's overcome with tears of happiness

the turminini’s overcome with tears of happiness

What is the capacity of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards for weddings?

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards can gracefully host weddings of various sizes. Our spacious outdoor and indoor venues cater wonderfully to both intimate ceremonies and grand receptions, accommodating up to 150 guests comfortably. You have the option to bring the whole fam or elope with a few VIPs.

When is the best season to plan a wedding?

Each season at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards offers its unique charm, but many couples find the mild temperatures and natural beauty of spring and early fall especially idyllic for weddings. The lush greenery and comfortable climate during these periods provide a perfect setting for both outdoor and indoor celebrations.

12 sydney and sam

12 sydney and sam

What are some local attractions around Grass Valley?

Grass Valley is not only the perfect setting for your wedding, but it also offers a treasure trove of local attractions for you and your guests to explore. Make a weekend out of your wedding celebration by visiting some of these memorable spots:

  • Historic Gold Rush Towns: Step back in time through the charming streets of nearby Nevada County, Reno, or the Empire Mine State Historic Park.
  • Wine Tasting Excursions: The surrounding region is home to exquisite wineries where connoisseurs and novices alike can savor local varietals.
  • Outdoor Adventures: From hiking trails to pristine lakes, outdoor enthusiasts will find nature’s playground at their fingertips. One can also check out bike trails In Sacramento.
8 bay area vineyard wedding venue

8 bay area vineyard wedding venue

Are there any other wedding locations nearby?

Yes! Nearby, you can explore various enchanting wedding venues to find the perfect setting for your special day. Some notable options include Harmony Ridge Lodge, and Rough and Ready Vineyards (a more rustic wedding venue). However, we might be biased but Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is the one for you. ;)

Are there nearby accommodation options for guests in Grass Valley?

When it comes to ensuring your guests have a comfortable stay, Black Oak Mountain Vineyards is conveniently located near a variety of accommodations that cater to different preferences and budgets. We’ve partnered with local hotels and lodges to secure the best rates for your wedding party, ensuring that everyone can relax and revel in the festivities. Some options are Gold Miners Inn, Holbrooke Hotel, renting Vista Point apartments, or checking sites like Airbnb.

You can rest easy knowing your loved ones will find a cozy place to stay, close enough to not miss a moment of your milestone occasion. Accommodations in Grass Valley include convenient access to the charming downtown Nevada City.

330 black oak mountain vineyards

330 black oak mountain vineyards

Plan Your Visit to Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

Schedule Your Personalized Venue Tour

Envisioning your wedding day is one thing but feeling the magic of Black Oak Mountain Vineyards in person is truly incomparable. Trust us, we know! Schedule your personalized event venue tour and let the landscape speak directly to your heart. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Explore Every Nook and Cranny: Walk through the vineyards, visit the indoor spaces, and soak in the panoramic views. The interior of the wedding venue is tastefully adorned with elegant decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the celebration of your special day.
  • Discuss Your Vision: Talk one-on-one with a venue coordinator about how Black Oak can accommodate and enhance your wedding day dreams.
  • Ask Questions: Get all the information you need directly from the source, learning about package details, customization options, and more.

To reserve your spot for an exclusive tour, simply reach out to us, and we’ll coordinate a date and time that fits into your schedule.

black oak mountain vineyards

How to Reach Us for More Information

Interested in all that we have to offer? Ready to take the next step towards planning your dream luxury wedding at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards? Reach out to us for more information, and we’ll guide you through our wedding planning services and everything you need to know to start this journey at our venue.

Here’s How You Can Reach Us

  • Phone: Give us a ring at 530-272-7696 to speak directly with one of our friendly venue coordinators.
  • Email: Send an email inquiry to and we will get back to you with all the details swiftly.
  • Contact Form: Visit our website, fill out the contact form, and download our pricing brochure. We can’t wait to hear about your wedding plans and how we can make them come true!

Nothing makes our team happier than hosting your special day! We may provide the venue, but you and your family provide the epic love story that brings our space to life. We take immense pride in curating an atmosphere where your closest can reunite, laugh all day, dance all night, and create unforgettable wedding memories. 🎉