emily and aaron barn swallow rentals

Name:  Emily Klein and Aaron Ward

Company: Barn Swallow Rentals

Years in Business: Our company has been active for 2 years. 

Website: www.barnswallowrentals.com

Email: emily@barnswallowrentals.com

Instagram: @barnswallowrentals

introducing the vineyard club at black oak

Aaron and Emily form a dynamic team where their creative strengths complement each other perfectly. Emily’s passion for design harmonizes with Aaron’s talent for bringing her visions to life through his building skills. Emily’s lifelong dream was to work in the wedding industry, having organized parties, weddings, and events for family and friends for years. Her love for hosting themed parties was unmatched! The pivotal question was: “Should she pursue a career as a wedding planner or a wedding designer?” The decision became crystal clear when Emily and Aaron had the chance to acquire an existing wedding decor rental business. They took the leap, rebranded it, transformed it, and expanded the rental collection. Initially unsure how long the transition from a rental-only to a design and rental business would take, after a successful first year, they introduced design packages, which were a hit! They are living their dream each day!

As if life couldn’t get any more magical, Aaron recently popped the question, and Emily said yes! Now, the duo is not just creating dream weddings for others but planning their own fairy-tale celebration. :)

How do you approach working with clients to bring their event vision to life through rentals?

We make it a priority to connect with every couple we work with. We view our collaboration with couples as a partnership. Understanding what makes each couple unique, their love story and their passions is key. Once we have a good grasp of who you are, we delve into planning one of the most significant days of your life. Incorporating your individual personalities and your identity as a couple into the wedding theme is at the heart of our design approach.

Barn Swallow’s Recent Work at Black Oak

Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

What is your favorite part of working with Black Oak Mountain Vineyards as a venue?

Oh, the reasons we adore being part of the Black Oak Mountain Vineyards family are countless, but if we absolutely had to choose just one, it would be the design flexibility. Black Oak has truly nailed it by providing a stunning canvas where couples can paint their dream wedding in any color they fancy. With its sleek lines and versatile landscape, it’s a playground for creative ideas! Who are we kidding? Picking just one favorite thing? That’s like trying to choose a favorite dessert! I have to mention the amazing views too!!!

What do you love most about collaborating with clients and Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

Once again, the key lies in exploring design opportunities! I enjoy discovering our clients’ wedding aspirations at Black Oak, delving into their dream concepts, and utilizing the venue’s features to turn their visions into a reality.

Can you share a memorable moment from an event at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards where your rentals played a significant role?

We were delighted to be commissioned to design the open house for the launch of Black Oak Mountain’s after-hours club! Collaborating with other vendors and the Black Oak team was a joy as we worked together to create a delightful and vibrant atmosphere for the event. It was a pleasure meeting many couples who had already chosen Black Oak as their wedding venue and discussing their dream wedding ideas with them!

How do you collaborate with other event vendors, such as planners, photographers, caterers, and florists, to ensure seamless coordination on the day of the event at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

Some of our most beloved wedding planners, florists, photographers, and other vendors are part of the Black Oak family! We are privileged to collaborate with the preferred vendors associated with Black Oak. Our close-knit relationships and frequent collaborations ensure seamless operations. Working with trusted vendors not only simplifies our job but also guarantees the best experience for our couples.

Trends & Tips

What advice would you give to clients who are planning events at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards and considering rental options?

Opt for a comprehensive design package, not individual rentals! By choosing the full-service option, you open the door to a stress-free and enjoyable process of bringing your vision to reality. With a dedicated team supporting you every step of the way, you can avoid multiple delivery fees and the hassle of coordinating several rental companies. Moreover, the full-service design package includes setup and styling, allowing you to relax on your wedding day morning, focus on getting ready, bond with your wedding party, and rest assured that everything is falling into place just as you imagined.

What sets your rental company apart when it comes to providing items for events, such as tables, chairs, decor, etc.?

We provide meticulously maintained high-end rentals and regularly refresh our inventory with new, stylish items. In cases where we lack specific items for a design, we either outsource the item or purchase the item and then add it to our inventory.

introducing the vineyard club at black oak

Just for Fun

If you could provide rentals for any celebrity event at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards, whose would it be and why?

Taylor Swift. I think she would embrace unconventional thinking when it comes to design, opting for grandeur and being unafraid of bold colors or intricate design elements. Additionally, my teenage daughter would be over the moon if she had the chance to meet her!

What’s the most unique request you’ve ever received from a client for event rentals at Black Oak Mountain Vineyards?

I would say, it would have to be when we were asked to build a floating white, round stage for the couple to stand on during the ceremony!

introducing the vineyard club at black oak

Black Oak’s Little Black Book