As a luxury Bay Area wedding venue we serve weddings that vary in size. Some parties are larger than life, while others are more intimate with only a dozen guests. Every wedding we host is uniquely beautiful and has access to our 150 acres of private land. However, with the recent trend of intimate weddings we have seen first hand the benefits of having a small guest list.

Quality Time

When you opt for a smaller guest list you will have more quality time with each of your wedding guests. Imagine sitting around a single table with ten of your closest friends and family. Laughing, telling stories and really getting to dive deep into conversation. This may be more meaningful to you than having a larger wedding party with shorter and more shallow conversations. In addition, you will have more opportunity to have one-on-one time with your family and friends. Walking through the vineyards with your dad for a half-hour, or chatting with your best friend by the infinity pool at the end of the night as the party winds down. You will be able to truly enjoy your guests with out feeling rushed.

less wedding planning

Many brides and grooms find wedding planning stressful and inconvenient. Our Bay Area wedding venue is all inclusive to make your wedding planning experience more enjoyable and easier to manage. However, with many wedding guests there is still a lot to consider and much more planning to do. When you choose to have a smaller guest list, you are also choosing to do less wedding planning. As a result, you will be able to better enjoy your engagement, rather than constantly stressing over the details of a larger wedding.

splurge on what’s important

The best part about having a smaller wedding is that you get to splurge on what is really important to you. Instead of spending your budget on 100 guests dinner, you can splurge on large floral arrangements or giving personalized gifts to each of your guests. Making your wedding more about creating your dream day, than accommodating to a large number of guests. Our Bay Area wedding venue values luxury and serenity. Offering high end amenities, adventurous outdoor activities, as well as numerous comfortable spaces to get ready and celebrate. Consider splurging on a venue that will give you it all!

Planning a California wedding? No matter the size, we are ready to celebrate you in Cool, California! Reach out and let’s start wedding planning!