Minimalistic Timeless Wedding

Roxie and Ian stayed with us for their minimalistic timeless wedding this spring. Everything about their wedding day was absolutely dreamy! However, their favorite parts of the day were those that were spent enjoying the serene atmosphere of our wedding venue and grounds. We pride ourselves in creating a peaceful and luxury retreat for each of our couples. And that is exactly what this couples loved most!

Our wedding venue provides luxury lodging for all of our couples to enjoy. Imagine waking up on your wedding day, and you are already at the venue. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere as you no longer need to worry about travel and traffic. And with high quality furnishing and appliances, you will feel comfortable and pampered.

Roxie and Ian spent the morning of their wedding together, enjoying breakfast and snuggling before getting ready for their California wedding day. With outstanding lighting and unique features, their wedding photographer was able to document their morning while capturing the beauty of their weddings location.

With 150 acres to explore, you are sure to find the perfect spot for your wedding photos! Whether it is in our stunning vineyards, next to our dazzling infinity pool, or down one of the many trails. The locations are endless, and with every turn you take you will be surprised with new found beauty.

Many couples enjoy our Bay Area wedding venue for the acres of hills, vineyards and open fields. Roxie and Ian were able to capture their bridal photos on our property that reflected their minimalistic and timeless style. The light was very soft, as it was overcast, which gave their wedding photos such a lovely glow to them.

Our wedding venue loves to collaborate and work with other wedding vendors. Roxie and Ian rented a mobile bar for their wedding reception. This was a fun addition to the accommodating space. Giving their guests a truly unique wedding day experience. Not to mention, Roxie and Ian look absolutely stunning as they sip on cocktails together inside the car.

Bay Area Wedding Venue

As your Bay Area Wedding Venue we promise to pamper you with luxury and scenic beauty. And we are so glad we could do that for these darling couples. Reach out to have your own wedding stay with us!

Congratulations Roxie and Ian!